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Bubble Struggle

Bubble Struggle is a fun flash game and very similar to the Bubble Trouble game which are also fun flash games.

Not many people know that the Bubble Struggle game was actually the first game in the Bubble Trouble series of games.

There is also a Bubble Struggle 2 game which is also called Bubble Struggle II Rebubbled.

Bubble Struggle Game

The principle behind Bubble Struggle is simple. Shoot the bubble with your gun until there are no remaining bubbles.

You can't let the bubbles touch you so you have to shoot them before they land on you or dodge them with some careful timing.

The bubbles in Bubble Struggle will split into smaller bubbles and release coins which you can collect to earn points. The whole point of Bubble Struggle is to earn as many points as possible.

Bubble Struggle isn't exactly an easy game. It is quite hard at times but it is also a very addicting game to play. You complete the game by getting through all 22 levels successfully. Most people will have to make many attempts in order to finish the game.

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How To Play Bubble Struggle

Use the arrow keys to move and spacebar to fire.

You can also play Bubble Struggle 2 on this site. We are also planning to add more fun flash games in the near future.

Until then please enjoy the Bubble Struggle games and pass this site onto your friends.


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